The Houck Family

After seeing Dr. Bell for neck pain herself, Lori Houck referred her husband, Tim, for his chronic, severe neck pain. It turned out to be a serious condition, which Dr. Bell was able to help facilitate treatment for.

“My husband came home with chronic neck pain – just severe neck pain. After a while, I said you have got to see Dr. Bell. I just trusted her so much to know where to send him if he needed further care. So she treated him for about 4 months and knew that at that point it was something different and she said, ‘You need to get a stand up MRI.’ By the time he got in, they found he had a severe bulging disk affecting his spinal cord and needed surgery right away… The surgeon and Dr. Bell were in constant communication and they had a mutual respect for each other. Basically, she saved his life. She really did.”