The JAISON Foundation

The JAISON Foundation funds Upper Cervical chiropractic research and treatment for children with scoliosis. Scoliosis is a disease that develops during childhood, and without intervention, deformities remain for the rest of a child’s life. The current medical options for scoliosis are limited to observation, brace or surgery. None of these mainstream options offer disease regression the way UC care does. UC treatment helps children stabilize and reduce spinal deformations as already observed in preliminary results. 


Posture improvements are evident immediately following an adjustment, but spinal deformity correction requires more time, sometimes months, so ongoing observation is required. Click HERE for Clinical Examples with pictures. This data demonstrates that with upper cervical treatment, spinal deformities decrease. The spine gets closer to the vertical axis, and leg length discrepancies are reduced. Most importantly, improved neurological responses can be observed MINUTES after treatment. 


The JAISON Study is supervised by the Dr. Jean Brunette PhD, clinical researcher and Affiliate Member of the Pediatric Surgery Dept. of McGill University Faculty of Medicine. The treatment is done by Dr Luc Gélinas DC, specialist in Upper Cervical vertebrae misalignment and adjustments. “Dr. Brunette has been working intensively for the last 5 years without any salary from any medical institution or medical funding society. This exceptional research may finally allow the International Medical community to understand the benefits of UC care.” –


Enrollment in the study is solely dependent upon funding. Once the remaining children are funded to join the study, a scientific article will be submitted to an international peer-reviewed Medical Journal, which will validate successful scoliosis UC treatment in children.


“I was on a conference call with the researcher heading the JAISON study in January of 2020. He stated his preliminary opinion: Based on study results, scoliosis is likely the result of an upper cervical misalignment at a very young age, potentially even from birth. He also noted that the earlier you get your children checked, and corrected when needed, the more likely there is to be improvement that is sustained long term. We know that facilities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital will often tell families that after ages 13-15, there is nothing they can do to help their child with mild to moderate scoliosis. Bracing is not effective after this age range. If scoliosis is severe, they may qualify as a surgical candidate. As an upper cervical specific chiropractic clinic, Clear provides care for babies and children that is safe, effective and may decrease the chance of scoliosis. It may also mitigate long term progression after scoliosis has already been diagnosed, which maximizes function and well-being. This study, once it crosses the finish line, (thanks to your help and donation!) will be a HUGE WIN for families concerned about scoliosis and create awareness around a safe and effective solution!” — Dr. Rachae Bell, DCCJP 


The JAISON Foundation funds scoliosis research that is not funded by anyone else. You can help this nonprofit organization by paying for the treatment of a child. Each patient involves a minimum of 1 year treatment and follow-up. Help is needed to obtain sufficient funding for the treatment of the children and complete the study. While assisting a child in need, a donation also contributes to stacking documented proof of UC profound healing benefits. This process leads more insurance companies supporting UC treatment as the least invasive and primary treatment for scoliosis. Insurance recognition, in turn, allows more doctors to prescribe these treatments to their patients BEFORE surgery and drugs, and BEFORE deformities become permanent!



Funding for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Action Steps



Prevent scoliosis in your own family by scheduling a FREE 15 minute consultation with Clear. Also share this information with your friends, family and social media.



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Donate directly to JAISON fund & Jean Burnette’s Upper Cervical Research : JAISON Study is not funded by McGill University, or by any Hospital or Medical Funding Society. Without the support of regular people who understand the humanitarian benefits of this research, the study simply will not be completed. Please help to support this exceptional research and alleviate Dr. Brunette from this complete lack of funding and to ensure the continuation of this research, in the interest of all communities.


“If you could help someone prevent the need for drugs or surgery, wouldn’t you want to? By supporting the Blair Chiropractic Society and JAISON Foundation, you are helping to fund children in need, training for students, scholarships for the Diplomate of Craniocervical Junction Procedures, research and spreading the word of the life-changing benefits of upper cervical chiropractic. We want everyone in our community to have their head on straight so they can live the life they were born to fully express.” –Dr. Bekki Ellis