At Clear, we love seeing pregnant moms and babies!
Chiropractic care during pregnancy not only helps comfort during pregnancy, but it also helps mom and baby to have a safer and easier birth.  A Webster Certified chiropractor can help to restore pelvic balance during pregnancy to support proper baby positioning by relaxing ligaments and muscles surrounding the baby.
Imagine you’re in bed and the sheets are tucked so tightly that you can’t move.  This is what it is like for the baby if the pelvis is out of alignment! With a gentle and specific adjustment, we can help to balance the pelvis and allow the baby to move back to the proper positioning.  All of our doctors at Clear Chiropractic are certified in the Webster Technique. Click here to read about the Webster Technique and Certification…
How else can chiropractic help mothers to have safer, easier births?
During the birthing process, there are three major components necessary for a normal delivery: Power, Passage, and Passenger.
  1. POWER: Everything that happens in our body starts as a nerve impulse in the brain that travels down through the brainstem and spinal cord to the target organ or tissue. The nervous system then transmits that message to the target organ, cell, tissue, muscle, glad etc.  Our goal is to remove nervous system interference and imbalance thereby restoring proper nerve flow and function to increase the power to all processes in the body, including the birthing process.
  2. PASSAGE: The passage that the baby will travel is the birth canal and we want to maximize the efficiency of this space.  Chiropractic care will aid in restoring balance to the bones, muscles, and ligaments of the pelvis so that we can optimize the space potential of the birthing canal.  This balance will increase comfort during pregnancy as well as provide the benefit of a safer and easier birth.
  3. PASSENGER: You guessed it, the passenger is the precious cargo: the BABY! Baby positioning is highly affected by the balance of the pelvis biomechanically (physically) and neurologically (nervous system connection). The baby will transition through the birth canal through a series of reflexes and movements in order to make their way out into the world.
Upper Cervical Chiropractic care is an essential part of our care for pregnant women.  The upper neck is right in line with the brain stem (Grand Central Station of the nervous system), which controls everything in our body! At Clear, we specialize in the Blair Technique which is a specific and gentle way of adjusting the upper spine. Click here to learn about the Blair Technique…
Are you looking to optimize the safety and comfort of your pregnancy and birth?
Team CLEAR is here to help you! At Clear, we focus on results and client education.  By educating you on how you can improve your health we can create a healthier and happier community.  We recommend getting baby checked within the first month after birth to unwind any spinal imbalances the birthing process may have caused.
Stay tuned for more information on infant adjusting and in the meantime, you can find a certified Chiropractor in your area at the above links.
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