“It feels like I Pinched a Nerve in my Neck! What can I do?”

Pinched Nerve in the Neck

A sharp, stabbing pain in your neck is usually not a pinched nerve, but an injured ligament. Upper cervical care can help treat the cause. Clear Chiropractic is an upper cervical specialist practice in Spokane, Washington that is a natural alternative for helping people with neck pain, headaches and vertigo.

If it feels like you have a pinched nerve in your neck, the GOOD NEWS is that you probably don’t.

If you truly have a pinched nerve in your neck, that causes sharp pain, weakness and numbness into your head or arm. It depends on which nerve is involved).

That sharp feeling like a pinched nerve is usually an injury to the ligaments in your neck. Don’t misunderstand me: it is still a very painful condition. Fortunately, ligament injuries are not near as severe (or dangerous) as nerve injuries.

Better yet, there is a natural treatment option that doesn’t involve any drugs or surgery that can help. It’s a different approach to chiropractic called Upper Cervical Care and the Blair technique that does NOT involve any neck stretching, twisting or cracking.


Why does it feel like a pinched nerve in my neck if it isn’t?

Ligaments are the tissues that stabilize bones and joints in your spine (and rest of your body). Some ligaments are designed to be strong and rigid. Other ligaments are designed to be flexible.

Your neck is constructed from a combination of both types of ligaments.

If you have ever rolled or sprained your ankle, you know exactly what a ligament injury feels like. It feels sharp and swollen if you put any pressure on it. It’s the sharpness that most people describe like a “pinched nerve.”

So if we ever injure the ligaments in our neck (cervical spine), people will describe it like a “pinched nerve in my neck.” Fortunately (as we already mentioned), this is usually not the case.


What causes a neck injury?

“But doc, I didn’t do anything to cause this pain!” I was just getting out of bed.” OR “Looking and my phone.” OR “Washing my hair.”

I know. So let me explain.

Most ligaments in the neck do not tear unless you have a major injury: high-speed car accident, severe fall, severe sports injury, etc. However, if you’ve ever experienced an old physical injury (e.g., mild neck injury, concussion, fall or whiplash), the ligaments start to get stretched.

Now, if this stretching only happens for a few weeks or months, usually your body can compensate for this stress. However, if this stretching happens over years or even decades, the stress accumulates.

Think of it like continuously stretching a rubber band or guitar string.

And here’s the kicker: if only one muscle or ligament fiber in your neck gets tweaked during the most innocent of motions (e.g., looking and your phone, pulling out of the driveway, etc.), your whole neck does into lockdown mode to prevent more damage.

The consequence is that you have this sharp feeling like a pinched nerve in your neck. (That’s why it feels even worse when you try to turn your head!)


What do I do if it feels like you have a Pinched Nerve in your Neck

Okay, so we’ve explained why it feels like you might have a pinched nerve in your neck (even if that isn’t what’s actually going on).

We’ve also explained ligament damage is usually the result of old physical injuries that your body just can’t compensate for any more.

On the average, it takes about 10-15 years before most people feel any neck pain following mild/moderate neck injuries. But just because you don’t have any broken bones, bleeding or even bruising does not mean that everything is actually okay.

The question is “What do you do about it?

There are lots of options and opinions here. Exercise, stretching, physical therapy, general chiropractic and massage are all awesome. Unfortunately, stretching and general forms of spinal manipulation usually only treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

Think about it: if you have tight muscles, why are your muscles tight in the first place?

This suggests that something in your spine is causing your muscles to tighten. And if you spend all your time on stretching or treating where the pain is located, it may do nothing to get to the cause of the problem.

This is where a different approach known as Upper Cervical Care and the Blair technique can help.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Spokane

The Blair Technique is a different approach to healthcare that gets to the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. It doesn’t use any drugs, surgery, stretching, twisting or cracking.

Every human being is different on the outside and the inside. We all have different genetics, anatomy and life histories (including injuries). Therefore, if you have a problem with your neck, all these factors need to be taking into account.

The Blair technique uses a series of advanced diagnostic images (either a DAX or CBCT scan) to find the exact location, direction and degree of misalignment in your neck that is involved with you condition. Then, a specific and gentle correction is used to restore the normal motion and stability of this misalignment so that your body can heal on its own.

When this happens, it takes the stress off your muscles, joints and ligaments, which allows that “pinched nerve in your neck feeling” to settle down. The procedure doesn’t use any twisting, cracking or popping. In this way ,even if you have tried general chiropractic, the Blair technique is different.

Even if you have tried physical therapy, massage and generalist chiropractic before, the Blair technique is different. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Spokane, visit our home page more information. To schedule a new patient appointment with our Mead (north Spokane) or South Hill offices, complete a new patient request form here or call us direct at 509-315-8166.