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As you know, dependence on antibiotic use has no value whatsoever in a viral pandemic. While there is no known cure for COVID-19, as a community, we are forced to take a different path toward protecting ourselves and each other from any virus. In this way, we can find immunity from all pathogens, not just bacteria. The path is this: WE HAVE the POWER to control our own health from within!

We are being called to return to the beginning of the immune system story:

Nerve fibers pick up sensory information on every millimeter of skin and body opening. When the skin barrier senses the slightest irritation, an inflammatory reaction immediately slows down the invading pathogen. This stops it from getting into the body and into the bloodstream. White blood cells then surge the area, and eat the invaders. We don’t need antibiotics that disrupt our delicate homeostatic balance to do what our immune systems have done for us since the birth of our existence. Through nutritional super foods, water, chiropractic care, meditation, sleep, MOVING the body & sunlight, we have more power over our internal state than we realize! Everything we need is in and around us already…


  • Nutrition: The first general rule in eating for a healthy immune system is to not let the body fall into an acidic state. When this happens, the body uses its mineral reserve to temper the acidic state of the blood. When minerals are wasted on balancing acidity, less minerals are available for enzyme production that carry out vital immune system functions. To keep the body from falling acidic, it is important to drink lots of clean water, consume extra greens and keep from spiking blood sugar (Nutrition and blood sugar are large enough topics on their own. Start by making sure there are no unnatural, processed sugars in the diet and avoid overeating).
  • Meditation & Sleep: Simply quieting the mind and entering a state of deep relaxation and REM, takes the nervous system out of a sympathetic state of cortisol production and immune suppression. And puts it back into the parasympathetic state of REPAIR. This is the state where the immune system THRIVES and gets all its work done!
  • Exercise & Sunlight: We don’t have to go to the gym or work ourselves to exhaustion to reap the benefits of exercising. In fact, moving the body OUTDOORS has a greater impact on increasing the oxygen levels in the body. Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. The skin and eyes contain billions of photo-receptors that are responsible for converting sunlight and Vitamin D into nerve signals that activate and fuel our immune system. Exercising indoors carries many benefits too, of course. Anywhere we exercise, the body is able to burn off excess corticosteroids and release mood enhancing endorphins. This makes it easier for us to enter that parasympathetic REPAIR state we just went over.
  • Chiropractic Care: Misalignments cause neurological stressors that greatly reduce the capacity for the immune system to fight off any kind of invader. When the upper two bones of the neck are misaligned, the brainstem and all of its functions are compressed. The brainstem regulates nerve impulses for carrying out immune system functions. Correcting narrowed areas of the spinal cord increases the flow of oxygen, nutrients and information throughout the entire body! If your nervous system cannot properly direct the immune system, we are at risk of infection and disease. We can eat all of the super foods we want, but if a nervous system blockage keeps them from where they’re needed most, nutrition benefits are limited. At CLEAR, we work to restore the nervous system so that the body can provide the lymphatic system and the thymus with all of the information needed to carry out a successful immune response.



Chiropractic Care profoundly influenced patient prognosis in the flu pandemic of 1918… This data illustrates HOW the health of the nervous system DIRECTLY influences the health of the immune system!


20 million people died from the global flu pandemic of 1917-18. Half a million Americans died within 6 months. In Davenport, Iowa, where Chiropractic Care was only 23 years young, 50 medical doctors treated nearly 5,000 flu cases. 274 of these treated patients died. In the same city, 150 chiropractors treated 1,635 flu cases and only one patient died.

“Statistics and records from 1918 document 925 deaths out of every 10,000 infected people treated medically, and only 25 deaths out of every 10,000 infected people treated with spinal adjustments. Historical data shows that people under chiropractic care had a 98% better chance of surviving the flu.”  –Tabick Specific Chiropractic

Source: Tabick Specific Chiropractic