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EMF Safety: Eleven Action Steps


“It is virtually impossible to achieve high levels of health in the 21st century unless you are addressing your EMF exposure.”

—Dr. Joseph Mercola


Do you remember looking up at the night sky and seeing only stars, no satellites? Today, the natural night sky exists only in our memories… Beginning at the end of 2019, satellites have been launched 50 at a time every few months into the Earth’s magnetosphere, altering the visual night sky in addition to Earth’s magnetic field, making it impossible to fully escape the 5G experiment. This makes it even more important than ever to take responsibility for what we CAN control. It’s true that we all have a different tolerance for EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) exposure. It’s simple physics: A six foot lumberjack has a larger and stronger energy field for deflecting radiation than does a small infant. Make the changes you need and leave behind what you don’t. It is impossible to change everything in this list overnight. Be patient with this process; systematically changing one small thing at a time cumulatively builds long-term health security.

You won’t be sorry when you decide to begin this process because it is the ACCUMULATION of radiation in our lives that is problematic, and it begins in the womb. Children with excessive and chronic levels of radiation in their environment are more prone to neurotoxicity imbalances such as behavior and learning disorders, excessive crying, hyperactivity, delayed development, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, lowered immunity, headaches, nausea, difficulty focusing and under-performance in school. These examples of a neurotoxic load often follow the child into adulthood if the excessive exposure is not addressed and corrected.

At the cellular level, EMF waves interrupt major enzymatic processes in the body. They diminsh microflora activity and overall oxygen saturation. This “starvation” and “suffocation” of the cell may lead to the following malfunctions:

  • Memory loss and Dementia
  • Leaking of the Blood Brain Barrier
  • Headaches, Migraines and Dizziness
  • Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders
  • Immune Deficiency, Infections and Cancer
  • Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility and Miscarriage– Electrical stimulation was a well known facilitator of abortion in 19th century medical literature.
  • Depression and Anxiety– Both have increased 66% since the first iPhone came out in 2010!)
  • Metabolic Disorder, Heart Disease and Diabetes:

EMF radiation has been shown to interfere with the way we metabolize carbohydrates, leading to blood sugar imbalances and contributing to the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, it has shown to interfere with the body’s metabolism of dietary fats, contributing to instances of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. Heart disease and diabetes were extremely rare prior to the mass indoctrination of electricity into the home environment in the 20th century. “The Invisible Rainbow” documents graph after graph, the rise in heart disease and diabetes in different rural communities at the same rate of the adoption of electricity (see #8 for information on how “dirty electricity” can contribute to the onslaught of EMF waves). Furthermore, the rates of both these diseases have continued to rise to unprecedented highs alongside personal computer and cell phone (wireless) usage in the 21st century.

Our mitochondria sense EMFs as an environmental danger and release an immune reaction of inflammatory cytokines and endotoxins. This immune response causes internal stress and increases our susceptibility to contracting acute and chronic disease, and experiencing anxiety on an emotional level.

Any lifestyle change that reduces stressors (nutrition, exercise, environment and chiropractic care) can be helpful in coping with EMF related symptoms, but nothing replaces the removal of the exposure itself: 



  • Worldwide, more people have access to a cell phone than they do running water; this makes phones the number one EMF offenders for almost everyone. 
  • Cell phones are miniature / portable microwave ovens! DO NOT get a 5G phone. They’re a minimum of 6 times more GHz than your 4G phone which is already not safe at all. 
  • Buried in every phone manual, the manufacturers warn NOT to allow their product within a few millimeters of the body. This is because they are fully aware their products rapidly heat and COOK body tissue from the inside out. 
  • Animal testing shows nerve damage, brain damage and disruption to the blood brain barrier after just two minutes exposure time to a 3G cell phone. The World Health Organization has classified 3G and 4G cell phones as a Class 2B (cancer causing) carcinogen. 
  • Keep your phone in Airplane mode when not in use—especially when sleeping or resting. Check to make sure that all of your wireless settings are off (WiFi, Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot). 
  • Recheck to make sure wireless settings don’t automatically turn themselves back on (this happens with laptops and other devices too; the newer the device, the more likely this will be an issue). 
  • In Airplane mode, with wireless settings off, SmartPhones can still emit a (much smaller) signal (this varies per device, use an EMF meter to determine, see #3). Use an EMF protection phone case and / or faraday cage or pouch (available at for this smaller signal and check to make sure that no spyware has been downloaded. 
  • Airplane mode does far more to protect us than a phone case ever will: protection phone cases are only beneficial if the user knows how to turn off all wireless settings. If wireless settings are left on, the phone case is only providing a false sense of security. There are no cases protective enough to block the high frequency signal of a cell phone; so ultimately, they can do more harm than good when the user thinks their phone is now magically safe enough to sleep next to or keep in their pocket. 
  • Making Calls: Use SpeakerPhone and keep the cell as far away from your body as possible. Set it on a table and walk away several feet. With or without a protective case, NEVER hold a cell phone next to your head. Optimally, use a corded phone in lieu of your cell. 
  • Cordless Home Phones: One may think that with a land line, you’re safe from the dangers of cell phones. Unfortunately this is only true if the landline is CORDED. The cordless ones communicate with their base via microwave technology as strong as a 3G cell phone (some are rated at 4G signal strength). Replacing cordless phones with a corded landline is a sure and easy solution here. 
  • When using data and internet on your SmartPhone, plug into Ethernet. You will need an Ethernet adapter for your phone model. These are available at Best Buy and eBay. Purchase “shielded” Ethernet cables from Jay at U-PC wholesale in Spokane (509-534-3005). These protect against dirty electricity (see #8) in addition to wireless EMFs. Without the shielded cables, you may be swapping one type of EMF for another. 
  • Away from home, you won’t be able to plug your SmartPhone into an Ethernet cable. In public places, it is less hazardous to use WiFi instead of your data plan, provided you are nowhere near the router. 
  • Print maps or write down travel directions before leaving the house to minimize wireless internet usage.
  • Use Airplane mode for tasks that don’t require service such as taking pictures or reading emails and articles that are already loaded into your Web Browser.
  • DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND! Fully extend your arms to increase the distance between you and any wireless device. Every inch makes a difference in the intensity of exposure.



  • AirPods / Ear Buds / Bluetooth: There is no reason to use AirPods or Ear Buds. They radiate directly through the ear and into brain matter, so it’s best to get rid of them. 
  • Most corded headphones carry radiation from cell phone into the ear (at least they’re not creating their own signal in addition to the phone’s, potentially making this option less offensive to the body). Corded headphones are ONLY safe to use if the phone is in Airplane mode / wireless settings off
  • Use SpeakerPhone and/or EMF shielded headphones from
  • Smart Watches: If you must have one, make sure the signal is off as much as possible. It’s best to do without Smart Watches altogether.
  • Computers, Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets and Kindles: Towers built for desktop computers come with or without wireless features; know which is yours. Use Airplane mode, disable WiFi and Bluetooth. Some of these devices still emit smaller signals even when wireless functions are turned off, so it is best not to place them directly on your body regardless of your settings. Use Ethernet; most devices will need an Ethernet adapter (available at Best Buy, EBay or the company’s website that makes the device in need). Some newer laptops and devices do not have the ability to turn off wireless features (even if they say off, they may still be on at full capacity!). Check with your meter (see #3) to know for sure, and discontinue use when necessary. Consider returning these devices and getting a refund from your retailer. You can have towers custom made without wireless capabilities at any local computer shop (I used UPC Wholesale).
  • Wireless Chargers, Mice and Keyboards: These accessories contribute to an excess and unnecessary EMF load. Opt for the wired versions.



  • EMFs are invisible! How can we remove an energy field we cannot see? An EMF reader / meter serves as a trustworthy guide in this awakening process. Purchasing a reader in the early stages of EMF awareness aids in confidently moving through these steps without a need to reconfigure efforts later. “Seeing” the radio waves with a meter makes them impossible to ignore! 
  • I have only ever used one type of meter— the Tri Field TF2 ($168 at If you use this meter, I recommend paying more attention to the “peak” number in the top left hand corner of the display screen. The large number in the middle will constantly fluctuate, so the “peak” number will give a much better idea of exposure levels in a given area with less guessing about the fluctuating number. 
  • Per the Tri Field TF2 handbook, absolute safe levels have not been established, and different practitioners may recommend different levels. However, they have found that staying below the following readings will generally not cause problems: 3mG Standard Magnetic or 5mG Weighted Magnetic, 50 V/m Standard or Weighted Electric, 0.200 mW/m2 RF (Radio frequency field measurement) or 1.000 mWm2 RF (radio frequency peak measurement). 
  • Be sure to rotate the reader in different directions; I notice that it picks up signals more accurately when FACING the EMF source directly. For example, having your meter and phone sitting side by side is not going to pick up the majority of your phone’s frequency, which will lead you to think your phone is much safer than it actually is. This user error is potentially hazardous if it leads one to think they are safe sitting next to a phone when on. 
  • Many EMF signals (including phones, routers and anything connected to WiFi) will “pulse.” For this reason, it is best to let the meter settle in one place/direction to get accurate readings. Missing the “peak pulse” is another user error you want to avoid. 
  • The Tri Field TF2 meter shows radio frequency caused by electricity (also known as “Dirty Electricity,” see #8) in addition to wireless sources. These readings generally do not pulse like the wireless signals do. 
  • If you want to shop around for other readers, here is a list of Mercola approved ones to choose from (You can read Mercola’s review and description of each in his book, “EMF*D,” pages 231 – 236): Tri Field TF2 Meter, The Acousticom 2, Safe and Sound Pro, Safe and Sound Classic, The Cornet ED88T Plus, The Electrosmog Indicator ESI-24, ENV RD-10 and AlphaLabs UHS2 3-Axis Gaussmeter. 



  • The terms “Router” and “Modem” are often used interchangeably because most of these units are 2 in 1; both a Router and a Modem. Sometimes you will see them as separate units that function together for supplying internet. Simply put, Modems bring the signal in, and Routers broadcast the signal to be used among numerous devices. BOTH emit strong EMF signals. For ease in understanding, I will be using the term “Router” to describe the most common 2 in 1 set up.
  • 86.6% of households in the United States use a wireless Router: Start thinking of this common household item as the in-home cell tower it is; its microwave signal is TOO HIGH to register on a meter and radiates farther than any other EMF source in the home. These miniature “towers” are extremely powerful and create serious health effects due to close proximity—under our roof! Newer Routers are built for the 5G revolution, making them even more problematic. 
  • This accepted part of modern life must be dealt with for the next generation. 
  • Find a cable company that offers Fiber-Optics. Some rural communities will not have this as an option. 
  • Wire your Router to a Switch. A Switch looks like a “splitter” for Ethernet, but acts as a switchboard that can run all ports at once. Switches come with any number of ports and are available at U-PC Wholesale in Spokane: 509-534-3005).
  • Call Pierce (509-280-2005) at Royal Business Systems in Spokane. Ask him to disable 4G and 5G functions on your Router. 
  • If wireless can’t be disabled on your Router (or if it still emits a periodic pulsing signal after wireless is disabled), use solid metal to cover the Router on all sides, metal blocks wireless EMFs (or ideally purchase a Router without wireless if your service provider allows this / provides this). Use your meter to determine the amount of layers / thickness of metal your Router needs for safe use (Routers vary in signal strength). 
  • Run shielded Ethernet cables from the Switch to all devices previously run on WiFi. 
  • System updates may automatically turn the 4G and 5G wireless signals back on, so it is important to check your Router regularly with your meter, and call Pierce to turn off the wireless settings again ASAP. 
  • Some Routers have a light or blinking light that tells you when the wireless is on. If you don’t have this, call your service provider to request a system update schedule. Also ask if they allow you to purchase your own Router; one without wireless that won’t turn back on under any circumstance.
  • If you still need a wireless signal for something / someone, you can purchase a “RouterGuard” cage ($68.95 at These block around 89% of the Router signal without affecting your internet speed or connectability; I have verified their effectiveness with my meter. The only problem in this scenario is that the microwave signal from a Router is dangerously high; and even at eleven percent, is unsafe to be around. 
  • It may be beneficial to keep a RouterGuard over a “disabled wireless Router” in case it still emits a periodic pulsing signal. It can also be used as a safety net for when system updates temporarily turn the wireless back on. 
  • Purchase RouterGuards for next door neighbors, friends and employers to reduce the electrosmog pollution in your living and work spaces. This is especially important for networks that are detectable from inside the home. 
  • When choosing a RouterGuard instead of making the Router wireless, place the Router as far away from any bedrooms as is possible in your home (consider the garage); and wrap the cage in small mesh wire (chicken wire, garden wire or other) to reinforce its effectiveness. Use a basic outlet timer to automatically shut it down during resting and sleeping hours. 



  • Baby Monitors: New baby monitors work via WiFi signal, but the older monitors threaten children’s health in the same capacity. They work like a Walkie Talkie, communicating via radio technology. Radio frequency field numbers are too high to register with a meter, so I can’t say which type of baby monitor is actually more damaging to a developing brain and nervous system. Each make and model will vary, but neither type of monitor, WiFi nor radio, is safe for sleeping children. If your monitor has an Ethernet port, that could possibly be an option for safe use as long as a meter is used to verify there is no signal emission. Staying within earshot of the sleeping child will negate the need for this item, and may turn out to be the easiest solution here. 
  • TVs / Smart TVs / Apple TV’s / Roku / Gaming Consoles / Echo / Alexa / Google Home / Bluetooth Speakers: Trash all devices you’re not using or can live without. Of the devices that are necessary in your household, simply wire them into your router via Ethernet / auxiliary cables and the corresponding adapters for each. The wireless function cannot be turned off on many of these devices even when wired in, so be sure to check them with your meter as you go. You may have to build or purchase a metal box / tool box, cage or small mesh wire in addition to wiring it in (time to get creative!). Consider purchasing a large display computer monitor to replace your Smart TV. 
  • If you use an old school antenna on your TV for the basic channels, understand your antenna is bringing radiation into your living space even though you’re not using WiFi. Do away with all antennas (since you can’t wire them in or turn them off) and use Fiber-Optics through your cable company instead. 
  • Controllers: Only use gaming controllers when plugged into the console (console must also be plugged in). Most controllers cannot be wired in. If you can remove the battery, it is likely only producing an electrical signal when idle and producing radio waves while pressing buttons. Some may only produce electrical pulses without any radiation. The only way to know for sure the safety of each type of controller is to buy a meter and test the ones you have. For controllers in your home that have never been tested, be sure to sleep in a different room than them. I was surprised to find that my Apple TV controller emits radiation when it is not in use and the Apple TV itself is all the way off / unplugged! In other words, there is no way to turn off the constant radiation emission from this controller… Yikes! Do not keep these on your night stand or hold while watching TV! Store them in a metal can or multiple / stackable metal cups or pots (available at any gardening or home improvement store). 



  • Smart Meters: Power companies often install Smart Meters without notifying the homeowner; Inland Power did this in 2019 and Avista in 2020. Currently 75% of homes in the United States use a Smart Meter. They cause radio frequencies in two ways. First, they emit a wireless signal that matches the high frequency of a router. Second, they create Dirty Electricity (see #8) which increases high frequency electrical fields as well as monthly electrical payments 10-30%. 
  • You can opt out of the Smart Meter by calling your power company and demanding an Analog Meter. They will likely charge you a small monthly fee for sending someone come out to read your meter (fees vary per company). In my experience, the money saved in electrical usage from removing the meter has outweighed the cost of paying the extra fee; a WIN WIN for health savings! 
  • Smart Meters have been known to cause fires and explosions as well as increase grid hacking potential.
  • Satellite Dishes: Ditch the Dish; go for WIRED cable and / or stream shows via WIRED internet. Never install a Dish above / next to a bedroom. Many homes have Dishes that are no longer in use; unfortunately, they’re still bringing in a satellite signal to the home and must be disposed of (even if they’re not connected to anything). 
  • Security Systems: Only use these if they can be wired in. Check before purchasing for an option to turn off all wireless signals. Verify with your meter.
  • Solar Panels: Use a meter to determine how far away from your living space to install the inverter and panels; do not sleep by them. Purchase the Dirty Electricity filter made specifically for solar panel command modules from SATIC Electricity (406-493-1861) or Even with a filter, solar panels may not be suitable for the EMF aware individual. 



  • Microwave Ovens: When on, microwave ovens are the highest source of radiation in the home. They are easy to replace with a toaster oven. NEVER stand within six feet of one when on, and farther is ALWAYS better.  
  • Infrared Saunas: Heat to desired temperature; then turn off / unplug before getting inside! Use a traditional dry heat sauna instead when given the option.
  • Ultrasound & Doppler: Use these devices with discretion during pregnancy. It is not always necessary to expose a developing body to these high frequency waves.
  • “SMART” MEANS WIRELESS! Opt out of Smart technology whenever possible. Avoid supporting this industry altogether, and try to turn the wireless features off on the products you can’t avoid. You must check with your meter as you go since the wireless function cannot be disabled on many Smart devices. If this is the case, make sure to unplug these, get rid of them, or at the very least, keep them out of your bedroom and on a different circuit than your bedroom. The range of Smart products is ever growing: beds, RO water filter systems, thermostats, water heaters, TVs, refrigerators, heated floors, pools, hot tubs, workout equipment and more!



  • “Dirty Electricity” is a high frequency voltage that generates a radio frequency field. This voltage comes from cell towers, inside the home, faulty wiring, spreads from one room or circuit to another and from the grid: i.e. your neighbors houses or from utility companies that cut corners by failing to separate neutral wires from the grounding line to save money.
  • Avoid building or purchasing a home beneath a powerline. 
  • Refrain from placing beds, couches and chairs next to / in front of outlets, lights and light switches. 
  • Dimmer Switches: The level of light emitted is controlled by rapidly turning the power source on and off, producing a constant stream of dirty electricity. Dimmer switches are easy to live without and simple to replace with a traditional on / off light switch. 
  • Lightbulbs: When purchasing light bulbs, make sure they are NON DIMMABLE and do not use any wireless technology Remove or replace fluorescent lighting; it has a switched mode power supply that increases voltage frequency, creating Dirty Electricity. For more information on Lightbulbs, visit
  • Unplug televisions, cell phone chargers, computers, powerstrips, hair dryers, fans and heaters when not in use to help reduce the overall Dirty Electricity load in your home. Reduce the use of these devices when you can. Do not use these devices in outlets that are on a bedroom circuit, especially a child’s room! 
  • Refrigerators / Freezers / Appliances: Even if your fridge or freezer is not Smart, it is still contributing to Dirty Electricity; and therefore, contributing to EMFs in your home (especially on the circuit they’re plugged into). Whatever appliances you’re not using, UNPLUG. Especially those that are on a bedroom circuit, and / or use filters on the same outlet as any appliances (see next bullet for outlet filter information). 
  • Outlet Filters: You can buy single filters plug into any outlet. No installation needed. The bulk price for buying a box of 20 at Stetzer Electric is $500, $25 each (call 608-989-2571). Stetzer also sells them individually for $40. I recommend the box of 20 in order to have one for each electronic device that is left plugged in full time. Any circuit with a TV, computer or appliance (or other dirty electricity culprit listed above) will need multiple filters. They’re great to have on the same circuit as a bedroom, but NOT directly next to or underneath a bed (as the filter removes dirty electricity, it produces a small, short range electrical charge of its own)
  • Whole House Filters: Houses with faulty wiring will need extra single outlet filters in addition to a whole house filter that is installed at the breaker box by an electrician. You can purchase a whole house filter at for $1,595. Send Shielded Healing customer service ([email protected]) a picture of your breaker box with the approximate square footage of your home, and they will recommend whichPower Perfect Boxhas the command modules you will need. 
  • The “Power Perfect Box” is made in Missoula, MT by a company called SATIC Electricity (You can also order by calling SATIC Electricity directly instead of going through the Shielded Healing website: 406-493-1861). 
  • When a licensed electrician installs the filter, SATIC issues a 10 year warranty. Howerton Electric in Spokane (509-238-4169) knows the procedure. 
  • Allow all types of filters TWO WEEKS of operation time before determining their effectiveness. It can take that long to catch up on the disposal of excess dirty electricity. 



  • Every EMF source you can’t remove or distance yourself from, BLOCK. 
  • You can create your own faraday cage, or protective shield, with conductive graphite shielding paint on the walls and screens over windows (available at If you are in an apartment in the city, this might be the best option for you. If taking this route, be careful of the Resonance Phenomenon” (where the shielding actually radiates out a couple of feet; this occurs with grounding issues). You can protect yourself from this by testing with your meter as you go. 
  • offers an EMF assessment. This would be an ideal action step for someone who is serious about making big changes and wants professional guidance in doing so. This will keep you from having to go back and redo things that may have been done incorrectly. I am guilty of making what I thought were positive changes, only to later find out I completely missed the mark. Remember to take the time it takes, and it takes less time. 
  • If you don’t have guidance or an EMF assessment, try not to change everything all at once. Start with something small like utilizing Airplane mode around children and babies. 
  • Use strict caution with marketed “harmonizers.” A harmonizer is a product that claims to “neutralize” EMF waves. There are thousands of these on the market from necklaces and stickers to whole-house machines. I have not found any that actually work. They provide a false sense of security, and for this reason, are likely to cause more harm than good. Always test with your EMF meter before making ANY purchase. 



  • Stay away from “Small Cell” 5G posts!
  • When in your own vehicle, there are basic steps to take for a safe commute. Cars are made of metal which reflects EMF waves. When the waves are coming from outside the car, they reflect away from you, keeping you safer. When the waves are coming from inside the car, they repeatedly bounce off the walls and course through the body over and over. To avoid trapping yourself inside a cesspool of circulating EMF waves, make sure to turn your phone, GPS and wireless settings off. 
  • Phones have to work extra hard to update when in motion. Remember that the faster the vehicle moves, the more EMFs you’re exposed to when your phone is on (or the person sitting next to you has their phone on… This could be a prime opportunity to gently educate the people we regularly commute with). 
  • Newer cars are now available with Smart features. Be sure to take your meter car shopping to avoid buying a car with wireless features that can’t be disabled. Refrain from buying vehicles that turn your SmartPhone into a car key! 
  • Planes: Planes are one of the highest radio frequency polluted locations we come across. This is because like cars, they’re also made of metal and trap large amounts of circulating EMFs inside. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. Nor is there anything we can do about WiFi and 5G usage in hotels we stay in and other public locations we may use. 
  • Try using when planning your next trip. Type in the address of the different locations you will be visiting and pay special attention to the amount of antennas (not towers) in a three mile radius. One tower might only have a few antennas or it could have hundreds. Use this database when house shopping in addition to checking the addresses you currently live and work. 
  • When on a plane or traveling to a location with hundreds of antennas nearby, our only options are to adapt our travel plans (when possible) and / or eliminate other stressors and consider temporary supplementation.
  • Protective gear and clothing is available I have some of their blankets and can affirm they actually do work after testing their functionality with the Tri Field TF2 EMF meter. The clothing products work by reflecting the EMF waves away from you. Make sure there is no device in between you and the blanket / hat / scarf etc. This placement will reflect the signal back into your body causing more harm than good. 



  • The fate of wireless technology will depend on the education and actions of the people. Educate your friends, family and co-workers. You do not need to tell them what to do, simply don’t hesitate to explain why their call went to voicemail or why they need a cord to connect to the internet in your home. 
  • We can advise our communities to adopt a Fiber-Optic alternative to 5G, but this will only be possible if we start spreading the word about EMF dangers. People need to hear it from those they trust. 
  • We must dare to ask the big picture questions, “What are the implications of ‘Living in a Microwave’ on the greater world around us? Could global microwave heating contribute to the climate crisis? What effect does it have on ecosystems, endangered species, plants, insects and microbes?” It is irresponsible and reckless to continue down this path as a society with our limited understandings of cause and effect and interconnection.
  • Share this article and consider reading the books or subscribing to the sources below. Dedicate some quality time to understanding the problems that come with EMF Radiation exposure and generously extend that time when sharing this information to those who want it. 
  • Sign a petition to ban all 5G technology: hhtps://
  • The loudest “voice” we get in this world is the way we show up and how we spend our time and dollars. Think about the “vote” that is cast every time a Smart device is purchased or a cell phone bill is paid. We must ask ourselves, “Am I supporting the 5G telecom industry? Am I “voting” for its success?” It is time to start thinking outside the box in how we conduct business instead of helplessly allowing these electrosmog polluters to rule our lives. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” -Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  • Three of the major corporations engaging in the magnetosphere satellite launches are Amazon, Google and Facebook. Boycott these tech giants like your personal health depends on it, because it shockingly does. Switch your web browser to DuckDuckGo, shop local, Etsy or eBay, and watch how much time / data you freely provide Facebook / Instagram / Google on a regular basis. Without our usage, they have nothing! Changing small, daily habits goes a long way in taking back our power.
  • We can educate our policymakers and urge them to adopt cell tower regulations and exposure limits that fully protect us and the environment from the harm caused by wireless radiation, but this is a long term battle. If we want results NOW, we must collectively take responsibility in our personal lives and pay attention to WHERE AND HOW we shop and live. 


For any questions related to this article, please contact Stefanie: [email protected]




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