Dr. Rebekka Kuzichev
Associate Chiropractor


Dr. Rebekka Kuzichev grew up in Great Falls, Montana and became involved in track and cross-country in high school and college. Her love of sports drove her to pursue physical therapy while studying at Corban University. She quickly saw that she wanted to make a different impact in the lives of people.

After being hired as a chiropractic assistant, her eyes were opened to the world of holistic health. Upon learning about the body’s incredible ability to heal itself, she quickly changed her career path to pursue chiropractic. Her desire is to facilitate healing for those who have been challenged with health issues as well as aid in connecting people to their bodies and loved ones.

Dr. K loves pursuing and sharing knowledge, running, skiing, backpacking, disc golf and lake activities. Dr. K has completed three marathons and hopes to continue to run more in the future.

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