Carolynn Silveria
Clinical Chiropractic Assistant


Carolynn was born and raised in a small town in Escalon, CA. She participated in competitive gymnastics for thirteen years and coached kids, ages 3-16, for fourteen years. Gymnastic was her whole life at this time, and she loved every second of it!

After she moved to Virginia, Carolynn ventured out to help people by working as an EMT. She had always wanted to be in the medical field and work hands-on by helping those in need. She loved being able to save lives; but at the end of the day, she didn’t feel it was the exact right fit.

When Carolynn moved to good ‘ol Spokane in 2017, she was in search of a new start to life and a great job that could support her and her well-being. She landed at Clear Chiropractic, and we brought her in with open arms. Lucky for us! “I love the office and everyone on the team. And the wellness and health we give patients on a daily basis,” –Carolynn. If you don’t see Carolynn zipping around the office, you will probably find her in a pool of animals since she loves all animals and would have 100 dogs if she could! She also loves to paint, cook, clean, garden, and spend time with loved ones. The clients at Clear have nicknamed her “Dr. Rainbow” because she always has fun and BRIGHT hair!!! She is a very bubbly and “go with the flow” kind of gal– so don’t be shy striking up a conversation with her in the office!

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