Dizziness & Anxiety

Anxiety, Dizziness & Brain Fog – For relief, look to the Neck.

Are you tired of living with constant dizziness and overwhelming anxiety? We have a solution that can bring you much-needed relief.

Upper cervical chiropractic care offers a unique approach to address the root causes of these debilitating conditions. Through gentle adjustments and precise assessments, our experienced chiropractors focus on the upper cervical spine, the critical area where the skull meets the neck. By correcting misalignments and restoring balance in this region, we can positively impact the function of the nervous system, including the intricate interplay between proprioceptive information and the locus coeruleus.

How can my Neck affect Dizziness and Anxiety?

Proprioception, the body’s sense of position and movement, plays a vital role in our overall well-being. When the neck’s alignment is compromised, it can disrupt the transmission of proprioceptive signals to the locus coeruleus, the brainstem nucleus involved in regulating arousal, attention, and stress response. By addressing these misalignments, we aim to optimize the flow of proprioceptive information to the locus coeruleus (LC), positively influencing dizziness and anxiety.

When proprioceptive information reaches the LC, it can modulate the activity of noradrenergic neurons located within the nucleus. The LC is the main source of noradrenaline (norepinephrine) in the brain, and its neurons project widely to different regions of the central nervous system.

Proprioceptive input to the LC can have several effects on its activity:

  1. Arousal and attention modulation: Proprioceptive information can influence the level of arousal and attention by modulating the activity of LC neurons. Increased proprioceptive input can enhance LC activity, leading to increased alertness and attention to sensory stimuli.
  2. Sensory processing modulation: Proprioceptive input to the LC can modulate sensory processing in various brain regions. It can enhance the processing of sensory information related to body position and movement, potentially influencing motor control and coordination.
  3. Stress response modulation: The LC is involved in the regulation of the stress response. Proprioceptive information can affect the LC’s role in the stress response, influencing the release of noradrenaline and modulating physiological and behavioral responses to stress.

Overall, proprioceptive information can impact the activity of the locus coeruleus, which, in turn, can have broad effects on arousal, attention, sensory processing, and stress response. The integration of proprioceptive input within the LC’s regulatory functions highlights the important role of proprioception in modulating neural activity and contributing to overall body awareness and motor control.

Are Dizziness and Anxiety Neck Problems in Disguise?

Especially if you experience other symptoms in addition to dizziness and anxiety, there is the strong possibility that your neck is at least contributing toward your symptoms.

An often overlooked aspect in the cause and natural treatment of anxiety and dizziness symptoms lies within the intricate relationship between the upper cervical vertebrae, particularly C1-C2, and the obliquus capitis inferior muscle. Misalignments or irritation in this area can disrupt the proper functioning of the nervous system, leading to imbalances that contribute to anxiety and dizziness.

Through specialized upper cervical chiropractic techniques, we focus on correcting misalignments in the C1-C2 region and alleviating tension in the obliquus capitis inferior muscle. By restoring harmony to these crucial structures, we aim to provide relief from anxiety and dizziness, allowing you to regain a sense of calm and stability in your life.

The Blair Technique for Anxiety and Dizziness

The Blair technique is a special division of general chiropractic that focuses on the alignment, motion and stability of the atlas vertebra because of its unique relationship with your nervous system, which controls every function in your body.

Unlike general spinal manipulation, there is no twisting, cracking or stretching. The Blair technique is a gentle and precise approach that utilizes a series of physical, neurological and diagnostic tests in order to provide the highest level of personalized healthcare. When your atlas is aligned, your body has the potential to be healthy. However, when it is misaligned, simply put, your brain and body are not able to work as efficiently as they otherwise would. Inevitably, that is when health problems start to occur.

The big idea of the Blair technique is that by restoring the normal alignment, motion and stability at the junction between your head and neck, your own nervous system and its innate mechanisms are able to do what your body is designed to do: heal itself. And when that force is able to flow freely through your body from above-down, inside-out, anything it possible.

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